Where does tuition go?

The tuition covers a lot more than just the hour that you are at lesson. Even if you have to miss a lesson due to illness or any reason, your tuition continues to work for you.

Below are some of the examples where the tuition goes.

  • Time spent with the student Lessons, performance classes, group lessons.

  • Time spent in preparation for the student

  • Time spent with emails correspondence, feedback, information providing for music events & administrative tasks

  • Volunteering for students and volunteering in music organizations

  • Research music for students, lesson planning, bookkeeping, development of curriculum, etc.

  • Teacher’s training and experience

  • Recital costs and preparations, Programs, refreshments, facility.

  • Professional organization memberships Memberships are maintained by the teacher to enhance their teaching skills and provide the student with opportunities for festivals, competitions, and performance events.

  • Professional journals- publications (paper or online) to assist the teacher in keeping current on new teaching materials and trends.

  • Music magazines for students - subscribed and made available for students

  • Studio expenses - equipment for in-person and online teaching and their maintenance, pianos, computers, printer, microphone, camera, computer software, apps, incentive programs, tunings, repairs, newsletters

  • Music books and CDs/MP3 for students' reference

  • Supplementary sheet music, worksheets for learning

  • Studio license Materials, studio library books purchased by the teacher to benefit students.

  • Property taxes, self-employment taxes, insurance, business licenses, retirement

  • Continuing education of teacher : Lessons and classes that keep the teacher current on methods and techniques

  • Attending teachers performance groups, pedagogy groups, ensemble groups to keep my skills up to date the relevant

  • Book and music club memberships - This enables many discounts to be passed to students.

  • Extra COVID-19 prevention supplies

  • As an independent music teacher, there is no corporation to assist in providing health and life insurance by matching funds. Tuition helps cover the increased living costs of your self-employed teacher.

  • And more