Lydia Hwang McCool (full biography) has been a professional piano teacher teaching children and adults to experience the joy and reward of playing the piano, composing, singing, and sharing the gift of music for over 20 years. She has performed as a pianist in recitals, as a collaborative pianist with singers and instrumentalists, as church musician, choir accompanist, and as a singer in choruses.

Her piano students both school-aged children and adults, range from beginners learning to read notes, to advanced students playing Rachmaninoff piano concertos, She specializes in doing the right things at the right time for each student.

She draws knowledge from her diverse background in various disciplines, synthesizes them into concrete and applicable ideas, and creates a unique approach to her music teaching that makes her lessons creative and unparalleled. She is an expert at incorporating goals of students with hers, helping them fulfill their dreams in music making.

She devotes herself to constantly learning, innovating, improving her professional skills, and creating exciting, pedagogically sound, effective and efficient lessons. Her studio families and students have elevated her teaching and studio practice to remain competitive and relevant. She has received outstanding testimonials from them, and has prepared and coached her students to be amazing musicians cultivating a life long interest in music, obtain high scores in composition evaluations, win awards, and pass auditions to graduate school piano programs.

Lydia is an active and prolifically contributing leader and member in several professional organizations including the MTAC and CAPMT(MTNA). She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Piano as well as a bachelor of science & a Master of science degree in Computer Science. See Lydia's Full Bio.

In loving memory of my inspirational sister Zoe Hwang(黃瑞芬), who nurtured my musical development and more.