Studio Policy


Studio is open all year round (Jan-Dec). Tuition is invoiced quarterly, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, and includes (10-12) weekly private lessons and monthly group lessons and/or studio recital. All lessons are mandatory. Adult students are not required to attend group classes/recital and the tuition will not include those.

Tuition payments are due one week before the new quarter begins. A non-refundable registration fee is charged for new students at enrollment time and in the Fall for continuing students.

Students studying piano concerto will be responsible for a separate accompanist fee invoiced quarterly to ensure that the orchestra portion of the music is well prepared to work with the students.

Bounced checks are subject to late payment fees and bank fees. For each week the payment is not received, a late fee of $35 will be added to the amount due. If payment is not made before the first lesson of the new quarter, student will not be allowed to attend lesson until the account is settled.

Studio recess dates will be provided before a new quarter begins. If the students take an extensive break, though best effort will be made to accommodate, there is no guarantee that their spots will be open when they return.

If the student decides to discontinue lessons after the quarter has begun, there will be no refund.

Expect yearly tuition adjustment in September.

Absence: If students are unable to make it to a lesson for any reason, please inform the studio as soon as possible by email.

If the student experiences any cold, sneezing, fever, coughing etc. symptoms, please stay home and do not come to the studio. Lessons will be held onlin to ensure safety for everyone. The same applies to the instructor.

When students cannot come to in-studio lessons, they can opt to have online lessons at their regular lesson time, or receive asynchronous video lessons by providing practice video clips to the instructor in advance so the instructor can view them at their regular lesson time to provide feedback and further assignments.

Punctuality must be observed. If the student is late for the lesson, lesson time cannot be extended. Regular and prompt attendance is required to make appropriate progress.

The quarterly tuition is for both the student's time in lessons, time preparing for each student, for reserving a specific time in my schedule for the entire quarter and a lot more. See Where does tuition go? There will be no credits or makeup lesson given for missed lesson unless the instructor cannot teach the lessons promised. In that case if no mutual time can be agreed upon for makeup, video lessons will be provided.

Termination: Please notify the studio at least one month in advance before the end of current quarter, if planning to discontinue enrollment for the next quarter. Otherwise, the student or guardians will be responsible for the first month's tuition in the new quarter.

Attendance: Parents, siblings, family, care takers, and friends must wait outside studio during lessons. Please drop off and pick up young child on time at the studio door to/from the instructor.

If student arrives earlier than her lesson time, please wait outside quietly till it's her time. An adult guardian must supervise your young child during the wait. At pickup, parents with young students, please come to studio door 5 minutes before lesson ends for a briefing or if there is any question regarding your child's lesson.

Our lesson is the time for the student to make trials and errors and learn comfortably working with the instructor. It is in the best interest of the student that the lessons are with the teacher only to provide an atmosphere of focus and to relieve stress.

Studio features clear visibility from the waiting area. Parents are encouraged to attend and observe the student's lessons periodically with prior arrangement with the teacher, preferably at the last 10 minutes of the lesson to minimize undue pressure on the student.

Hygiene/Behavior: Proper personal hygiene practice is expected. All students must have trimmed fingernails, and reasonably clean clothes when they arrive for lessons. They must wash their hands with soap before they play the studio instrument.

If students come from rough/sweaty activities before piano lesson, or playing with furry pets, please clean up before coming to lessons. Street shoes must be left outside the studio door before entering the studio. Please wear clean socks.

Misbehavior, disrespect for teachers, and mistreatment of studio property including the waiting area, will not be tolerated. If such behavior persists, the lesson will be ended without a refund, and any damage to the studio property will be charged to the students.

If students have any sign of sickness (coughing, sneezing included) please stay home and do not come to the studio. Please opt for online or asynchronous video lesson instead.

Practice: Students are expected to follow a mindful, and daily practice schedule. Keeping a practice log is highly recommended. Lack of consistent, effective home practice, enthusiasm and willingness to participate during lessons, will result in students' dismissal.

Piano Assignment/Materials: Weekly Piano assignments will be recorded on a Google Doc that will be shared with the student and the guardian (for minors). Student should have a copy handy during daily practice and heed the practice instructions. Students are responsible for purchasing their own music materials, and when assigned, obtain them promptly to avoid delay in progress.

The studio also offers a lending library for short-term use. All borrowed materials must be treated with care. Studio license music are provided free to enrolled students, which they can keep their copies but cannot distribute to others.

Recitals/group performance classes: These give all students the opportunities to demonstrate and share their progress. Students of all levels are required to participate in the studio group classes and student recitals. Students may also participate in the MTAC/CAPMT recitals and festivals if interested and qualified, which are held monthly during the school year. There are also Adult performance opportunities held by these organizations and more.

The studio recital/workshop/group classes are mandatory. These provide them with a supportive group environment to perform work-in-progress, rehearse for formal concert, and sharpen their musical and performance skills. Themes and activities at these classes are designed to enhance their skills learned at private lessons.

Competition/Certification/Festivals: Competitions, contests, certifications and festivals held by MTAC, CAPMT, or other organizations are not mandatory but students are encouraged to participate. Students will be responsible for their own entrance or registration after the relevant information is provided.

Photo and video release form: Periodically I will record a short video and photograph students to showcase their performance, progress or for demonstration purpose to post on the studio website and social media. You can let me know if you do not want your child's image(s) or video to be shown. Mostly, students love seeing their work posted on the studio website and many families appreciate that. Students feel motivated when others show interest in what they are learning. If the names are used, they will only be first name only.